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The Design Suites

Wonderfully designed hotel on the way out of town

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The Design Suites - Bedroom view
The Design Suites - Bedroom view

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Situated just off the main road out of town to the Llao Llao peninsular, the Design Suites Bariloche are chic and an interesting alternative. The first thing that is apparent is that they have clearly considered the layout, with the views to the lake given centre stage from the main areas and around a third of the rooms (including from the baths!). The only major drawback is the management which, at this stage, is definitely not good enough.

Located on the way out of the town, the Design Suites are set on the hillside that looks out to the lake beyond.

Built with the view in mind, the main dining area has a huge floor to ceiling window that really makes the best of its location. On top of this, the rooms are very much of the same thought process with the front grouping having great views from the main bedroom where not only can you see the view from your bed, but also from your bath!

The rooms in the Design Suites, while being around 5 years old now, still feel very fresh with the use of local wood and clean lines. The pool area too, has been thought of with the view in mind and so cascades over the edge to the lake beyond.

Overall I really liked the suites themselves as they have thought of the right attributes with the bath being in the bedroom and overlooking the view, as well as the bedroom and also the main areas all making the best of it. However….and it is a big however, the management is lacking and, for us, is the reason not to book the Design Suites in Bariloche (unlike thier sister property in Salta!). As the hotel looks great on paper and is unique in the region, it has had good trade that has meant the service has suffered. Until this point is rectified, we will remain unconvinced.

Funky design inside, inviting restaurant and bar, facilities, rooms


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