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Hotel Edelweiss - Reception
Hotel Edelweiss - Reception

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There is a certain feeling with many of the town hotels in Bariloche, that they cater more to the winter market rather than the summer market. This is evident in the Hotel Edelweiss. Arguably the best of the town hotels, the rooms are comfortable and well appointed on the whole. Similarly, they cater to the après ski market with saunas and Jacuzzis. But, as a hotel to spend a lot of time in, we find it a little wanting.

On first glance, the Hotel Edelweiss is everything that a 5 star property should be…it offers good accommodation, has plenty of facilities, and has a high level of service. However, what it lacks is any real “wow” factor.

Located right in the heart of Bariloche, the Hotel Edelweiss is certainly one of the better placed hotels in town although, being set back from the lake, means that the views are usually only partial, if at all. The entrance area is a fairly inviting area with large sofas and reclining areas, but, again, it lacks a certain feel to it that makes it more of a means of getting through to other areas of the hotel.

The rooms themselves are well appointed and comfortable with TVs and wifi access throughout. Along with a good set of facilities such as swimming pool and sauna, it is also one of the better equipped hotels in the area.

But, as mentioned, there is a certain something that is lacking. If you are after a good hotel that is perfect for only spending evenings in and skiing through the rest of the day, then the Hotel Edelweiss is a great option, if, however, you are looking for a hotel to use as a base in the summer for exploring the region, then we would recommend you look elsewhere.

Good location in town, good facilities

Lacks a certain something

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