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Hotel Cacique Inacayal

Right at the edge of town, this hotel gets the best of both worlds with views and options

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Hotel Cacique Inacayal
Hotel Cacique Inacayal

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Situated at the edge of town, the Hotel Cacique Inacayal is probably our pick of the town hotels. Unlike hotels such as the Edelweiss, it is located right on the edge of the lake and so offers outstanding views. The rooms are all well designed and feature the sorts of amenities you would expect such as tvs etc. On top of this, the hotel offers some great alternative features such as a sushi bar and sun terrace.

Located at the edge of the town, heading towards Llao Llao, the Hotel Cacique Inacayal is a fairly large hotel that offers a good quality of accommodation close to the centre of town.

The main feature of the hotel is the central atrium that gives the first 3 floors a feeling of space and airiness that works very well and brings the views of the lake into the building on the whole.

Again, as with many of this type of hotel, all of the boxes are ticked as far as the rooms and the facilities are concerned, with there being a good sized pool, steam and sauna and outdoor sunbathing patio overlooking the lake. Another good feature that they have incorporated is a sushi bar as well as the main dining room. They also plan to have a gallery adjoining the hotel where guests can go and see one of the main local artist whose work is featured throughout the hotel.

On the whole, the Hotel Cacique Inacayal provides a good option as an alternative to the Edelweiss as it is not far from the centre of town and, for most of the rooms, has good views out to the lake. A good choice for those who don’t want to be restricted as to where they dine every night and who also want to have the creature comforts. It is not really a hotel that makes you feel like you are out in the nature of the area, however, but does give you a taste of both worlds.

Terrace dining, good service, combines nature and the town

Bit big

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