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Estancia Peuma Hue

Secluded log cabins overlooking Gutierrez Lake, the spot and the lodge are the perfect retreat

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Estancia Peuma Hue - Lakeside
Estancia Peuma Hue - Lakeside

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Set at the end of the Gutierrez Lake, around 30 minutes drive from Bariloche, Estancia Peuma Hue is an idyllic getaway. The series of buildings and cabins that make up this private and secluded enclave are all built from local wood and have superb views out onto the lake beyond, providing a warm and inviting environment. The lodge offers all sorts of activities including walking, kayaking and riding. Really good for those wanting to be immersed in nature.

Loosely based on a traditional working farm, Estancia Peuma Hue offers a glimpse of the traditional Argentine lifestyle mixed with the visual beauty of the Lake District.

The buildings themselves are all similar in feel to log cabins with the main building having a great fire and sociable communal area in which to relax in the evenings and get to know your fellow guests. This really is at the heart of the Estancia Peuma Hue, that everyone gets to know one another and relaxes into the environment that pervades.

The bedrooms themselves are spread out amongst 3 different buildings with a couple of rooms in the main house, a few in thee second house and, finally, a few in the mountain cabin. This allows a whole range of flexibility for families or couples as any number of combinations can be put together.

We really like the Estancia Peuma Hue as it is rare to find somewhere that is so welcoming and flexible while still maintaining the highest levels of service and accommodation.

Stunning location in middle of nowhere, superb food, relaxed atmosphere

Simple accommodation

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