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There are two main climatic seasons to consider for the best time to visit Peru: dry (May to October) and wet (November to April) with temperatures mainly determined by altitude. Dry season means peak travel season mainly from June to August which also coincides with European and North America summer vacation periods. This is also an excellent time to tackle Machu Pichu on foot or do any outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing and hiking.

In the highlands and Andean mountainous areas in the middle of the country, seasons are more clearly defined but the area is fine all year round from a travel to point of view, although perhaps a bit of caution is best in the wettest months to avoid heavy muddy terrains. When heading to Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, bear in mind high altitude (3326m to be precise) which means allowing time to acclimatize here is essential! The Amazon climate is tropical, hot, humid and wet all year round but visiting between May and October means fewer mosquitoes! Lima has a subtropical climate thanks to its location right on Pacific Ocean waters. This means fairly mild and comfortable weather throughout the year with temperatures varying from 15-30C. Going off-season in winter (June to October) means foggy days and cooler temperatures. The best time to visit Lima is between December and March during summer when days are warm and sunny and there are bright blue skies overhead.

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