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Remota - Location
Remota - Location

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One of the largest and arguably most “designed’ of the hotels in and around Puerto Natales, many would say that, on paper, the Remota is number one. There is no doubt that the entrance hall, facilities and rooms are to the very highest of standards but, for us, it has been designed to look good, rather than be a true haven. We would argue that the main areas lack a certain comfort level and, with only these areas making best use of the magnificent views, the nearby Indigo would still be our preference.

It may be a very harsh way to review what is a truly stunning hotel. Loosely based around and sheep dip, the layout of the hotel is in an angular “U” shape. While this does make for a very interesting structure and layout, it doesn’t really add much to the overall experience in our book. The first quirk of the layout is that, in walking to the far side of the hotel, there is a large section that is outside, along the front of the “U”. The second, and most important, is that it means the
rooms face outwards, not to the lake and the views, but either towards the town or towards the main road north.

Don’t get us wrong…the rooms are truly spectacular, using vaulted ceilings combined with natural woods and whitewashed concrete to create warm and inviting areas. In addition to this, the main hallway and dining areas also have a sense of the modern and chic. Finish this with the stunningly modern swimming pool and, if you didn’t know it was such, would appear as a black sheet of marble.

As you can maybe tell, we do absolutely love the architecturally designed aspect of the hotel and, for those that are keen on this, would certainly recommend it to clients….but, as a high end hotel and resting point for travelers from either Punta Arenas or the Torres, we feel that it has been slightly misconceived.

Superb design features, beautiful rooms, great food and service

Design over function, located out of town

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