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Hotel Las Torres

Superb location next to the torres are the main selling point

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Hotel Las Torres - Location
Hotel Las Torres - Location

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As with the handful of hotels that have the privilege of being inside the National Park, Hotel las Torres has a superb location, right at the foot of the Torres themselves. On top of being inside of the park the Hotel las Torres benefits from being the only hotel to own land inside the park, allowing them a far more private view of this famous park. Recently upgraded, the hotel offers fairly simple fair and rooming, but is perfect for those looking to horse ride as well as trek to see the famous “towers”.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the main selling point to the Hotel is the fact that it is set in its own land and has access to the Mirador de Torres trekking route. To be in such as spectacular spot, riding on good horses or simply relaxing with a good book is a total pleasure.

As mentioned above, don’t expect too much from the rooms or the food as they are both very simple and, when you consider that the hotel was recently classed as a hosteria (a jump up from hostel), it is clear that they are aiming high. We are generally a fan of the place but think that it could certainly tweak a few things to improve. The first of these is the pricing scheme. On paper, the rooms sell at a meager $100-ish a night…but, when you arrive is becomes apparent that you will then need to pay for food and drinks. When you consider that these are charged at approximately $50 per meal the overall figure per night is more like $280. Still a good price…but it can grate that you have to keep dipping into your pocket.

With good service and an entire section of the hotel dedicated to the surrounding environment and history of the area, this is well worth considering as an option for those that really want to be inside the park. Every evening there is a meeting with guides to decide what you would like to do the following day, which also allows you to go and see the “cuernos” as well as some of the other sites of the park.

Stunning location, private land, horse riding

Simple rooms and food, pricing scheme

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