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Hotel Rio Serrano

The pick of the bunch just outside the park

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Hotel Rio Serrano - Location
Hotel Rio Serrano - Location

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With the new influx of high end properties in the area (see the Awasi, the Tierra and the Explora Hotels), the Rio Serrano has definitely slipped down the ranks as far as luxury is concerned but we still think it is a good option for those that are wanting some luxury but can't afford the higher price tags of the others. The Rio Serrano sits just outside of the park, on its southern entrance and commands superb views to the Cuernos (although not as jaw-dropping as the Explora due to the distance away). Being outside of the park has given them the chance to build bigger as well as charge slightly less…but the down side is that they are a little further from the sights and sounds.

The hotel is definitely still up there as far as the standards that it has set for itself and so, while some would argue that it is a far more generic option when compared to the boutique feel of the other main contenders in the region, we would agree that there are a few things that, with a couple of years, will soften, such as the barren surrounds, and the newness of the rooms…but this is nit picking really as it is a great hotel in our view.

The first thing to note is that all of the rooms have the stunning view out to the massif and, as such, are all stunning. Similarly, the build and level of quality and comfort in each is also to a very high standard and so gives 5 star luxury throughout. Along with the attention to the accommodation, they have similarly paid attention to the main areas that all look out to the stunning views. They have tried to instill a homely and “cabin-like” quality to things with a cosy lounge and bar area as well as a well thought out restaurant. With a good pool and modern facilities such as wifi, the hotel has been well thought out.

All in all, we are fans of the Rio Serrano. Our only criticisms of it would be that, due to the international nature and feel of it, it could feel a little “anonymous”. Along with this, unlike in the Explora, the hotel feels geared more to those that are looking to stay in a nice hotel and see the massif, rather than for those looking to really be immersed in the surrounding beauty….but these are small points and certainly not deal breakers.

Great quality of furnishings and finish throughout, good services, great views

Could feel a little anonymous

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