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Hotel Asturias

A simple and good value hotel with all the facilities

Hotel Asturias
Hotel Asturias

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Located right in the heart of the town, the Asturias is a relatively new hotel to the area and is a bit of a conundrum for us. While we really liked the service and the overall concept of the hotel, we struggled with the actuality…that it is a new build property that lacks any real soul to it. It does on paper have all of the makings of a great little hotel, but there is something missing.

This is definitely one of those occasions that we would prefer it if we didn’t have to be honest about a hotel as we really don’t want to do the place down. The staff and owner are really welcoming and as helpful as they can be.

There is, however, a really disjointed and almost uncomfortable feel to the layout and main areas. The entrance area feels lacking somehow, with there not really being anywhere to relax properly and spend time. The restaurant, as well, is functional but does not offer much in the way of character.

This follows through to the rooms and faceless corridors of the property that are lacking in a finishing touch and so could be anywhere.

This is not to say that, with a few adjustments and touches they cannot change this around and the last thing we want to do is to not send them business. The pool area is definitely one of the highlights of the property, which actually has one of the larger gardens on any of the properties in the town.

Great service, pool area, facilities

Lacks atmosphere

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