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Huentala Hotel Boutique

Annexed to the Sheraton, this small hotel offers a simple and intimate option in the centre of town

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Annexed to the Sheraton, the Huentala Hotel Boutique is a smaller and more intimate version of its larger neighbour. Featuring many of the standard qualities of an international 4 star, such as a pool, and spa facilities, the Huentala is a good choice for those looking to explore the city. Well located close to the main plaza and the main street, Sarmiento, everything of note is only a walk away.

Located right on the side of the Sheraton the Huentala is a smaller and less expensive hotel than its neighbour as a 4 star. It offers all of the amenities of a good city hotel with a rooftop swimming pool, spa of sorts (a massage room) and reasonable restaurant.

Again, probably the main feature of the hotel is its location as it is within walking to Sarmiento Street and the main squares of the city. The rooms are pretty comfortable with full bath and tv etc, although some have a strange lay out where the tv has been hidden in the cupboard and so, in order to watch you have to crane your neck around…but this is not all of them.

Another benefit of the hotel is that, should you be driving into town and around the area then they offer free parking next door in the car park. This is a good choice if, again, you are looking to stay in an international hotel and also want to be in the town.

Location, rooftop pool

Could do with a facelift in the rooms

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