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Executive Hotel Park Suites

Sister to the nearby Diplomatic, this hotel is in a great location and offers good value for money

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Executive Hotel Park Suites
Executive Hotel Park Suites

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Located just around the corner from the Diplomatic, the Executive Hotel Park Suites is its 4 star sister and is very much in the same vein, offering really good value for money along with a good location from which to explore the city. Again, featuring all of the facilities you would expect of a hotel of this standard, we recommend it for those looking for good accommodation at a great price.

As a sister to the Diplomatic Hotel, it is little surprise that many of the features of that hotel are in the Executive Hotel, with a very similar feel to the entrance lobby and plenty of marble used throughout, giving it an altogether sophisticated feel.

The rooms, while not being quite as large as those of its sister, have still been finished to a high standard, although views are at more of a premium in the building and so most offer side views rather than out onto the Plaza Italia that sits out front. This is not really the end of the world, but it is worth requesting a room with a view.

The rest of the Executive Hotel is really well laid out and has a pool, sauna and gym of sorts. With the location right on one of the main squares of the city, it is a great location from which to explore the surrounding streets and cafes in the evenings.

In summary, this is a really good hotel that has many features. It does lack a certain something as it is, very much, a business hotel and so has an air of the clinical, but it is still a good choice.

Great value, superb location, facilities

Bit boring

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