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The Mine Hotel

A bright, practical and welcoming boutique hotel with some eco credentials

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The Mine Hotel - Swimming pool
The Mine Hotel - Swimming pool

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The Mine may not have the “Wow” factor but it does has a lot going for it and does a good job to appeal a wide rage of customers. This hotel has plenty of charm with a contemporary twist. Some people may feel like they are staying in a glammed up hostel rather than a top Palermo boutique hotel but for the price tag we think you will have more to be happy about this hotel than disappointed. Overall, The Mine is definitely a more fun, relaxed and family friendly kind of hotel to stay at compared to nearby Legado Mitico and The Nuss properties we love just as much for their own distinct personalities.


In central Palermo Viejo overlooking a buzzing road with lovely boutique shops and cafes…the perfect location in this popular area of town! You might hear some noise from the main street if your room is on that side of the building as there is no double glazing nonetheless we found the noise to be minimal so might only bother a very light sleeper.


All rooms are brightly decorated with one or two main feature colours against a backdrop of an all-white background. Some rooms have unique contemporary design features making them a bit quirky lending light and playful, atmosphere throughout…this is a welcome change to some of the other small properties around which appear more sombre and monotone next to the Mine. If you want to be very critical, you might even say that some rooms may not look out of place in an Ikea showroom. We think the hotel is perfect for a young family as well.. The flooring is all concrete but luckily much of it is covered by cotton rugs. The bathrooms are not particularly spacious even in the superior rooms although having a one or two people Jacuzzi here kind of makes up for it perhaps.


First off, the lobby like all the other common areas (sitting room, dining room and terrace on the ground floor) are fairly limited in square footage; however thanks to clever design this is not so obvious. The glass wall enclosed pebble outside courtyard with a small water feature lends these spaces plenty of light and perspective giving the eye an optical illusion of more space than there is in reality.


People choose a boutique hotel over a major chain hotel to receive a more personalised service, attention to detail and a few little extras…well, the Mine does well on all those measures. The staff will provide you with a list of nearby restaurants listed by cuisine and you will receive a News Roundup in the morning with a collection of news clippings relevant to your country as well as a little note with weather forecast for the next few days…a nice touch we think!

Service, attention to detail.

Small rooms.

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