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Mio Hotel

A quality wine-themed boutique hotel

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Mio Hotel - Entrance
Mio Hotel - Entrance

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The Mio is owned by the Catena wine producing family and has something to offer a design sensitive boutique hotel orientated clientele. We think this hotel perhaps lacks substance in places so we are not so sure it is worth the price tag. However, this is purely an aesthetic consideration which we understand is totally subjective. Our verdict is that if you’re set on staying in Recoleta, resonate with the contemporary, limited palette décor and ambience of this property, then you will be happy here…there are definitely worse and more expensive hotels out there you could have picked!


Located in leafy Recoleta, the perfect reason to choose to stay here. Using the hotel as a base for a few nights will keep you within walking distance to many of the main sights of central Buenos Aires and a short cab ride from San Telmo, the Boca and Palermo Districts.


We like the spacious rooms which all come with balconies/terraces although as previously mentioned, we find the minimalist approach to décor slightly monotone and not so inviting at this property. However, there are plenty of high tech features in the room fittings, which will please some. The result is rooms designed with convenience and understated elegance in mind. The furnishing features the use of plenty of wooden cabinets, marble, glass and concrete walls. The showpiece of each room is definitely a calden wood carved bathtub. If taking a bath is a pleasure and not a duty in your holiday, then you will enjoy this! You will also get a city view from the floor to ceiling windows, which are in front of the tub. (there is still privacy!)


There isn’t much to say on this as there is nothing that really sticks out in terms of architectural mapping. The hotel is laid out in a pretty conventional manner with a fairly good sized communal sun terrace and well laid out facilities such as the pool and spa areas.


We liked the dining area facing a brick walled backyard with a small, enclosed garden featuring a fountain and wall mounted waterfall. The “Sivela 465” Restaurant also seemed quite inviting and a cheerful place to spend time in.

Location and facilities.

The scratched leather walls in the lift, which have been “autographed” by guests and paying $4 for each Nespresso shot in your room.

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