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Fly Fishing: The Lake District

Some of the best fishing in the world awaits in some of the picturesque scenery in the world!

Bariloche and the Lake District - Fly fishing
Bariloche and the Lake District - Fly fishing

Probably the most famous area of Argentina for river trout fishing (Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout all occur in the rivers and lakes of the region), Bariloche is where most head to for a little fishing time. Many of the more interesting fishing lodges are located around and hour or two to the north of the town, in the environs of Junin de los Andes, where the rivers that flow out of the many lakes meander their way inland.

As the road from Bariloche to Villa La Angostura winds its way through the small valleys and in between the many lakes of the region, it is always possible to see some sort of evidence of fly-fishing. One point worth noting about the fishing in Argentina as a whole is that they have a “if you can get there, you can fish there” policy, which is to say that all of the watercourses in Argentina are public land. You still need to purchase a permit to fish and the fishing is catch and release, but it does mean that, if you spot a place that suits, and so long as you don’t need to venture more than a meter from the shore, you are allowed to fish there.

Many of the best lodges, however, are set away from any of the main thorough fares and, as such, enjoy all the peace and tranquility that you could dream of. Standing in a gentle flowing stream with fish all around and the sun shining, it is easy to see why it is such a popular pastime in Argentina. While many prefer not to take a guide with them on a fish, there is no doubt that, with the eddies and overhangs of the area, it is rewarding to have someone who knows the stream nearby.

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    The Lake District

    At a glance…The Lake district

  • Size: Approx 100,000 sq kms
  • Location: Mid-Western Argentina
  • Recommended time: 3 to 5 nights
  • Time to visit: Year round
  • Go here for: Outdoor activities, food & wine, skiing
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