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Fly Fishing in Argentina

With some of the best fly fishing in the World, Argentina is a Mecca for sports fishermen...

Argentina stands out as one of the best fly-fishing destinations worldwide, and for good reason. The lakes and rivers that lie in the Tierra del Fuego and up in the Lake District offer some of the best trout fishing anywhere. Combined with superb accommodation, excellent cuisine, expert guiding and outstanding scenery it is little wonder that fishermen and women keep coming back. For those less inclined to fish, many of the lodges also feature activities such as riding and walking.

Fly-fishing is a sport, quite often, that captures the hearts and souls of those that practice it, and it is very much evident in the valleys and rivers of Argentina. With Argentina featuring some of the most idyllic rivers and wildlife anywhere on the planet, it is little wonder therefore that many of its people are crazy about the sport and often plan back country trips into the vast wilderness to try and capture the illusive “one”.

Today fly-fishing has become big business in Argentina and there are many exemplary lodges that have either sprung up or been converted from out of the way estancias and hunting lodges. If you choose it is possible to hire helicopters and staff and really head out into the wilds, but most tend to prefer having a comfortable bed and hot meal at the end of the day, after a long day out on the river.

As there are many of local Argentines that enjoy the fishing experience, the high end of the scale need not be the only option and, for those looking for something a little more rough and ready, there are also, plenty of good options to choose from.

Below we have put together a little information on the two major areas worth considering in Argentina, both renowned the world over. There are, however plenty of alternative spots and so it is usually possible to include a little fishing time into a trip wherever it takes you. Being in touch with local guides throughout Argentina, please just ask your consultant and we will be able to arrange anything that you require.

The season for fly-fishing runs from November until April every year.