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Cilene del Faro

This quirky property is located right in the heart of the town and is a great choice

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Cilene del Faro
Cilene del Faro

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Located right at the end of the Avenida St Martin, the main street in the town, the Cilene del Faro could not be better placed for those looking to take in a bit of the local ambience. The rooms for the hotels are fairly simple inside, but on one side offer great views out to the Beagle Channel and to the other to the mountains. Offering a good-sized pool and spa facilities, this is a good choice.

The first of the two 4 star properties in the town itself, the Cilene del Faro is a good option on the whole as it is set at the end of the main street, Avenida St Martin, and yet has a peaceful and quiet feel to it. As with most hotels in Argentina above a certain number, the rooms are not vast on the whole but, its saving grace is that it offers, as the standard room, a suite and so, while the bedroom is not huge, you have a whole other room in which to relax and sit down etc.

Being located at the end of the main street has given this hotel almost the best of both worlds. It allows you the freedom to be able to wander out in the evening for a drink or two as well as a choice of restaurants, and, when you wake up in the morning and look out the window, you don’t see a raft of other buildings. They have made the most of this feature with their rooftop bar that has some great views out to the mountains...all in all probably the best hotel in the town.

Good location, service, facilities

Main communal areas are a bit convoluted, a few rooms dated

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