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The Aubrey

Stunning and quirky property in the Bellavista

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The Aubery - Hotel
The Aubery - Hotel

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Located in the chic Bellavista region on the capital, the Aubrey is a relatively new venture from the owners of the superb Pasta e Vino restaurant in the nearby Valparaiso. Definitely one of the most designed of the city’s hotels, the hotel features a second of the award winning restaurant, but for guests only, amongst other things. All of the rooms have been designed with a different style in mind and, with a great outdoor pool, the Aubrey is certainly one of our preferred hotels in Santiago.

The first thing that strikes you as you arrive to the black, iron gates of the Aubrey is that the surrounding neighbourhood is very hip and has a certain vibe to it. It is for good reason that the Aubrey has become one of the most popular and sought after hotels as it is located right in the heart of Santiago’s nightlife district.

Once inside the gates you are then stuck by the castle-like appearance of the building itself. This was originally a private town house and so, having now been converted to a boutique hotel, there is still the feeling of staying round at a (very design aware) friend’s house.

As mentioned above, the hotel has a fairly simple layout with the bedrooms upstairs, looking out over the city or the grounds, a superb restaurant and the open air swimming pool at the back.

Each of the rooms is equally well decorated and, for those that are keen on their interior design, each offers something different…be it animal print highlights or a central bath in the middle of the room. They are all very spacious and have all of the mod-cons that you would expect of such a property.

Probably our favourite part of the hotel is the restaurant and pool areas which are both well considered and private. With some of the best food in the city as standard, there are few points that we can see to pick up on. All in all a great choice, particularly for those looking to spend a bit of time sampling what the Santiago evenings have to offer.

Great designed feel, great location, superb food

Not for those looking to turn in early necessarily, popular

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