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Riding: The Lake District

This idyllic region of the country is famed for its beautiful vistas and wooded hillsides

Riding in Bariloche and the Lake District - Trail
Riding in Bariloche and the Lake District - Trail

The final destination on our list is the scenic and beautiful area of Bariloche and the Lake District. Again, this area is known more for its hiking, food and general scenery, rather than its riding, but there are one or two lodges that are truly superb and warrant a mention. The range of terrain is the main feature with many jaw-dropping moments as you reach the top of a ridge and witness the surrounding beauty.

Where this area of Argentina has never really been known for its farming community (and the land does not really lend itself to grazing herds), the whole area is, in fact, flanked to the east by the rolling grasslands of the Patagonian Steppe. It is from these small estancias and farms that the horses and knowledge of cattle etc comes.

As the cattle market and price of beef has dropped away, it has become more and more profitable for the farms to offer their services to tourists visiting Argentina. There are quite a few that now offer a rounded experience of being in a working estancia as well as being close to the stunning views and experiences of the lake district.

On the whole, we tend to recommend to clients to experience the life on these ranches if they are not going to visit any of the ranches outside Buenos Aires and are keen. If you are a avid rider, then they will also allow you to see the lakes and valleys of this beautiful area on horseback.

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    The Lake District

    At a glance…The Lake district

  • Size: Approx 100,000 sq kms
  • Location: Mid-Western Argentina
  • Recommended time: 3 to 5 nights
  • Time to visit: Year round
  • Go here for: Outdoor activities, food & wine, skiing
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