Easter Island

Nayara Hangaroa

Formally the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, the property was acquired in 2020 by the opulent Nayara Resorts collection, who hitherto specialised and excelled in Costa Rica’s high-end hotel industry. The result of this partnership is a superb resort offering a luxurious, all-inclusive stay on Easter Island, that gives the established Explora Rapa Nui a run for their money!

Explora Rapa Nui

For a number of years, Explora Rapa Nui stood head and shoulders above the competition on Rapa Nui, almost like one of the giant Moai statues to which visitors flock to see. More recently, other luxury hotels have opened on the island; yet Explora arguably remains the top pick.

Inez and Lucas' Chile Adventure

Inez and Lucas spent their fourth trip with us exploring Chile and Easter Island. They started in Chile's winelands, moving on to Patagonia, heading out to Easter Island, back to the Atacama Desert and back via the astronomy centre at Antofagasta. Whew! It was quite a trip and they have very kindly allowed us to feature just a handful of their fantastic photos on the site.

Easter Island

Easter Island

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and enticing islands in the world, Easter Island is often high on any traveler’s list of places to see in a lifetime. With its mix of mystical culture, remarkable history and remote location, there is a whole raft of things to do and see while here. You can look at it as a cultural experience, an historic experience, an active experience or simply as a beach break. The main deterrent for most, however, is the difficulty of getting here, but we also think this might be a plus point!

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Culture in Chile

With such a diverse geography stretching from the remote Tierra del Fuego in the very south of the country to the deserts and altiplano lagoons in the very north of the country, it’s natural that Chile should have an extremely diverse culture and history too. While Santiago has, for a long time, lagged behind Buenos Aires and Rio as a cultural destination the growing number of restaurants, theatres and museums is attracting more and more people to the capital and the country is starting to make more of its cultural traditions.

Anne and Mike's 3 week adventure

Anne and Mike planned a superb trip to Easter Island and beyond over the course of a few weeks in February. Please see their very kind and detailed feedback below:

Family Holidays to Chile

The diversity of Chile and the range of activities to do there; make it a great choice for family holidays. With breath-taking nature, awe-inspiring mountain ranges and pretty coastlines, there is more than enough to keep every member of the family happy! Chile’s summer coincides with European and North American Christmas holidays, making it a great destination for the Christmas break.


Probably the best way of getting into some of the most inaccessible natural areas in South America, there are a variety of South America cruise options on offer which provide a unique way of exploring this wild and wonderful continent.


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