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Hotel Casa Real

One of Chile's oldest and most revered properties

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Casa Real: Location
Casa Real: Location

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Without doubt one of the most popular wineries in the valleys that stretch out from Santiago, the Vina Santa Rita has become famous for its history and dining, in the form of the Dona Paula restaurant. What it should, but thankfully isn’t, so famous for is the grandiose and regal Casa Real. This 18th century mansion offers and privileged view of an older Chile, with beautiful adornments and ornate gardens from which to enjoy the nearby vineyards.

The Casa Real is located 33 km / 21 mi south from Santiago in the famous Maipo Valley, one of the most popular areas for wine production in Chile. As mentioned above, the Vina Santa Rita is one of the oldest and most famous of them all. The restaurant, Dona Paula, in particular, featured as the refuge for 120 Chilean soldiers during the battle for Chilean independence and, as such is seen as something of a national treasure! Following on from this sense of history, the house itself was once owned privately, as an escape from the bustle of the city and, as such, much of the old grandeur and formal decorations have remained…to the properties benefit.

Along with the main communal areas, the other main feature of Casa Real is that it is located in some of the most ornate and beautiful gardens in all of Chile, with fountains, statues and all variety of flowers. In amongst all of this is also a selection of activities such as a swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, a sauna, a gym, walking and mountain biking.

The rooms themselves, while not overly lavish, are comfortable and quiet, as would be expected in a property of this type…although, for those that want all of the mod cons then the newer wing of the mansion will provide.

This is a fantastic property for those looking to take in a bit of Chile’s culture and heritage…while sipping on a great glass of wine! It is true that, with its popularity has come a higher price tag, but it is still a memorable place to come to in our book.

Stunning gardens, historic building, very good winery and wine tour

With popularity comes price!

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