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Nature and Wildlife Holidays in South America

Spanning from the tropical rainforest to Antarctica, there is a vast range of natural areas and animals...

Perito Moreno
Flamingoes Atacama

One of the main reasons to visit South America is for it’s outstanding nature and wildlife. Its incredible landscapes leave most in wonder and wanting to come back and see more. Just travelling within Chile and Argentina, can take you from trekking over immense glaciers, to cycling through dry desert and riding a boat into the fierce flows of the Iguazu Falls, so imagine the possibilities across the continent!

For those with an interest in wildlife specifically, South America is abundant with opportunities to see a huge variety of animals and is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Some of the key wildlife hotspots on the continent include the open plains of the Pantanal wetlands, the dense Amazon Rainforest and the whale inhabited waters of Brazil and Argentina’s Atlantic coast… but there are many many more!
With so much to see and do, the real problem lies in deciding on where to go with the time that you have.

In this section we have tried to outline some of the key nature and wildlife attractions for each region, so for more country specific information, please follow the links below...