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Family: The Iguazu Falls

To ride a jet boat into the jaws of a waterfall or to stare into the "Devil's Throat" is something to trigger any imagination...

The Iguazu Falls - view
The Iguazu Falls - view

Undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world, the Iguazu Falls are an amazing feat of natural engineering with millions of litres of water flowing over at any given moment. From a family point of view, the Argentine side of the falls offers the chance to really get up close and personal with the falls (of which there are 275) and really get a feel for their power. On top of this, the nearby Jesuit missions at San Ignacio also allow a glimpse into another time and world.

One of the reasons that this area of Argentina is highly recommended for families of all ages is that there is such an array of options. The Falls themselves are obviously the main reason to come here and, with taking in the Argentine side taking in a day and heading over to the Brazilian side another half day there does not tend to be too much time that needs to be filled.

Around the falls is indigenous rainforest that is a fascinating addition to any trip to the falls, as is a boat ride into the mouth of a few of the larger cascades to get really wet! The pathways that run throughout the area are all well maintained and safe with some running along the lower sections and others running right along the tops.

As mentioned above, there is also the option to go and have a look at some of the Jesuit ruins of the area. This activity is a full day of driving and so might not be for everyone, but it is a truly fascinating glimpse of both the past and the current history of the area and something that we always get good reviews on.

Click here to view some video footage of the area.

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    The Iguazu Falls

    At a glance…The Iguazu Falls

  • Size: 275 falls along 2.7kms of the Iguazu River
  • Location: North Eastern Argentina
  • Recommended time: 2 to 4 nights
  • Time to visit: September to April
  • Go here for: wildlife
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