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Cruise in South America

To take to the water is one of the most unique ways of seeing South America...

Probably the best way of getting into some of the most inaccessible natural areas in South America, there are a variety of South America cruise options on offer which provide a unique way of exploring this wild and wonderful continent.

There are Amazon River Cruises into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Island Cruises, Patagonia cruises through the fjords and channels of southernmost Chile and Argentina and of course, Antarctica cruises to the world’s driest and harshest continent.

The great thing about these cruises is that they can tie in perfectly with a land itinerary and don’t have to be the sole focus of your trip. Even Antarctica cruises can be tied into a trip to Chile and/or Argentina, with 6 or 8 night Fly and Cruise itineraries, which allow you to fly directly from Punta Arenas to the South Shetland Islands in a couple of hours.

For more information on the different cruises you can do in South America, follow the links below and have a look at our where to go pages for some more inspiration.

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