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The Iguazu Falls

An area of jaw-dropping beauty and savage history...

The Iguazu Falls
The Iguazu Falls

Located right at the very northern most point of Argentina, surrounded on all sides by other countries, lies the province of Misiones and the infamous falls of Iguazu. A firm favourite on the tourist trail to Argentina (and rightly so) the Iguazu Falls is one of nature’s greatest wonders and highly recommended. At a site like this, as with many elsewhere, with great fame has come great numbers, and the once small town of Puerto Iguazu has steadily expanded along with the demand….this does not, however, detract from the experience in our view.

As you drive north and enter the province of Misiones from Corrientes, you immediately start to notice differences in the lie of the land. Where Corrientes, like much of Argentina, is flat and rolling grasslands, Misiones is a land of rich red hills and tropical jungle. Driving further north, past the famous Jesuit missionaries at San Ignacio, Santa Ana and Loreto, the jungle becomes thicker and thicker until you finally arrive at the junction to the falls.

The Iguazu Falls, named after the river of the same name, is a collection of two hundred or so separate cascades of water and truly takes the breath away. The majority of the actual falls themselves lie in Argentina with the Brazilian side simply overlooking. Therefore, a trip to the falls is generally best if you take in both sides and experience getting up close and personal (and very wet!) from Argentina, and to stand back and admire from Brazil. (For more in depth information on the falls please follow the link below.)

As far as accommodation is concerned, again, you have a few choices. As the falls are a national park on both sides of the border, there are only a couple of hotels that are close enough to offer a view, the Sheraton on the Argentina side, and the hotel Las Cataratas on the Brazil. Outside of the park, the main grouping of hotels is in Puerto Iguazu where the range is much wider.

Click here to view some video footage of the area.

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    At a glance…The Iguazu Falls

  • Size: 275 falls along 2.7kms of the Iguazu River
  • Location: North Eastern Argentina
  • Recommended time: 2 to 4 nights
  • Time to visit: September to April
  • Go here for: wildlife
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