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The Melia Iguazu Hotel (formerly the Sheraton)

Without doubt, the Melia Iguazu (formerly the Sheraton) really has the pick of the views of all the lodges and hotels of the area as, being located right in the Parque Nacional, it is afforded views over the falls themselves.

The Rayentray Hotel

Dominating the skyline of Puerto Madryn, the Rayentray Hotel is the “only 5 star hotel” that is on offer and, on paper, promises a lot. Completed in 2008 to a fanfare of fireworks, the hotel has never really gotten off the ground with the pool, spa and one or two other things to be built.

The Park Tower Hotel

Part of the luxury Sheraton Hotel group, the Park Tower Hotel has fantastic views out across the city and across Englishman’s square, in the heart of the Retiro district. While the hotel shares facilities with the neighbouring Sheraton, the hotel has a calm and exclusive feel to it. Not one of our favourites due to location and overall feel, but still a very good hotel.

The Panoramic Hotel

The sister hotel to the Iguazu Grand, the Panoramic Hotel can boast the best views of any the hotels in Puerto Iguazu. Looking out over the meeting point of the Parana and the Iguazu, across to the banks of Brazil and Paraguay, the setting for the hotel could not really be better.

The NH Tango

Like its sister hotel, the NH Lancaster, the NH Tango is, again, a great little hotel. Located right on the Plaza de la Republica (and the famous obelisk), the hotel is named after the Tango Porteno that is located downstairs. Like its sister, the hotel is a fairly simple affair with clean lines, plasma TVs and modern decor.

The NH Lancaster

One of the very popular “NH” hotels, the NH Lancaster is located in between the Retiro and the San Telmo districts, in the heart of the city bustle. Primarily catering to a business market, the hotel has a fairly modern, functional feel, lacking certain features such as a pool.

The Iguazu Grand Spa Resort and Casino

One of the elder statesmen of Puerto Iguazu, the Iguazu Grand Resort Spa and Casino has long held the mantle for being the place to stay while in the area (as the alternative to the Sheraton). Today, we would argue that the nearby Loi Suites is probably more deserving of the title as the Iguazu Grand is looking a little dated these days.

The Four Seasons

Located just down the road from the excellent Park Hyatt, the Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires is a slightly poorer version in our view. Similar in concept to the Hyatt, the hotel made the decision to use the old town house as a venue, rather than for clients, thus negating it as a reason to stay.

The Emperador Hotel

The Emperador Hotel is an impressive 5 star hotel that has been around for a few years now, located in the Retiro area of the city. Maybe not up to the levels that can now be found in the city, it is, nonetheless a glamorous hotel that offers very good value for money and all the facilities you would ask for. Still a great hotel for using as a base for a few days.

The Amerian Hotel

Located right at the end of the town of Puerto Iguazu, the Amerian Hotel is probably our last pick of the hotels in the area. In our view, this is a classic example of a developer trying to put together a hotel rather than a hotelier.


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