Jen and family's holiday in South America

Jen and her family had a great trip to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay over Christmas and New Year 2015. The highlights included the Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego and a few days of relaxation on the beaches of Uruguay.

Jennifer and Larkin's trip to Patagonia

Jennifer and her daughter had a fantastic trip to Southern Chile and Argentina in December 2015. The highlights included spending Christmas in the Torres del Paine National Park and New Year in South America's southernmost city, Ushuaia.


Probably the best way of getting into some of the most inaccessible natural areas in South America, there are a variety of South America cruise options on offer which provide a unique way of exploring this wild and wonderful continent.

Hotel Casa Molino

One of the smaller properties that lie in and around Puerto Varas, the Casa Molino Guest House is a real gem! Offering a much “smaller” experience all round, it has just a handful of rooms and, as such, really prides itself on the service and attention to detail given to each and every client.

Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel

One of the quieter and more intimate properties in Santiago, the Meridiano Sur is a great option for those that prefer the feel of a guesthouse to the relative anonymity of staying in a hotel. Featuring small but comfortable rooms, in one of the quieter, suburbs of the city, the Meridiano Sur is a good choice for a few days while exploring the area.


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